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Thread: Who I am, a ramble about my interests

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    The purpose of this text is to introduce who I am to anyone who is interested. I am a twenty-seven year old male who has various interests all tied to computers and technology. My favorite things to do are solving problems, researching new computing topics and experimenting with things. Because of my wide range of interests, and my compulsive personality I often play with something for a while and then get bored and move on. What never seems to change is my desire to learn more, and think of creative ways to do things. I have worked for two years in retail selling computers and the like. Persuasion is not my thing, I would rather be researching or applying my knowledge, so I am now out of work looking for a new adventure. I have my heart set on becoming a computer operator and am taking steps toward achieving that dream. I do my work under Windows 7 mostly, but in the last two weeks I have found FreeBSD to be a gratifying experience. Particulary how it makes me think about things and look for solutions to unexpected problems. My current project is to get wine installed and running Office 2010 software so that I can continue my everyday work in BSD and only boot windows when I want to play games. After this important project is completed I intend to finish some ebooks on administering BSD.

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    Welcome to AO"

    would be interested in reading your journey with getting wine to boot office, start a thread and keep us updated on this "Project".

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    Glad to hear there is another BSDer in our midst ^.^ As for office products, honestly google docs is great software you should consider switching to. However, if you really have your heart set on running office 2010 on your computer, you will probably have to either wait for join the wine development community

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    Thanks, I chose BSD because it was the closest thing I could find to Unix that was free and has an interesting history. One of my goals is to learn Unix within the next five years so that I can put it on my resume, and eventually work as a Computer Operator. The reason I insist on Office 2010 is that I do like it very much and I need to continue practicing Excel. If this is not going to happen in the current wine builds, maybe I can settle with 2003. Or just keep switching back and forth between BSD and Win7. But really I am liking BSD so much I am spending more time there then in windows. And therefore have been throwing the idea around of wiping windows off, and installing a vm on freebsd to virtualize a win7 environment.

    A delema I am faced with is that my core 2 quad does not support visualization so I would only be able to emulate a 32bit Windows. That should be enough to get Office working. I have managed to install wine onto the amd64 build of freeBSD which required allot of problem solving and reading. Now onto trying to launch the installer.

    If I made this project thread what category would I file it?

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    Welcome to AO. Have any problems, I'm the person to tell about them.

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