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    Smile Help installing fax machine on network

    Hello fellow members of Antionline. I need some help with installing a Fax MACHINE on a network. It is a small office it consists of 3 computers all running XP Pro. They have Comcast cable as their ISP, and using a Linksys wrt54g router and a hub (16 ports), (not sure on make & model) anyways, I need to install the fax machine so all 3 computers can use it and also can keep a folder that records/documents all incoming and outgoing faxes. I already setup and installed the fax machine to a dedicated fax line. That is it. The Ethernet port is still empty. The fax machine is up & running however, it is not logging all incoming & outgoing faxes messages. I made a new folder shared it on the network, now it can be accessed from any system on the network. But still it is not logging (keeping a copy) of the faxes.

    Problem is, how do I install the fax machine on the *network* it's self? through the hub or router? The fax machine is a all in one printer, scanner, copier, fax etc...sorry not( sure on make & model since I'm not it the office) but it has an ethernet port on it so I know you can network it. All the computers are connected through the hub/router. I have a *hub* and a *router* that has free open Ethernet ports. Is it possible to hook a fax machine on a network through a hub or router? If so, how can this be done? I never done this. I only hooked a fax machine up to a single PC and it worked great, but not a network. All help is greatly appreciated.

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    I have an HP multifunction hooked my home lan via a wired ethernet switch. I had to install the HP software on each computer (a mix of Windows 7 and XP) The HP install cd set the scanner and fax up when it set up the configuration to use the printer. Basically the printer is set up as a network printer and the rest just followed.

    Ironically, the 2 notebook computers I run Ubuntu on found the printer and set themselves up without an installation cd.

    How is the printer set up now? To one computer (acting as a server) through it's USB? If the printer has an ethernet port, disconnect the usb printer port connection and set it up as a network printer instead. As I said the software installs on each computer should take care of the rest.

    On my printer/fax the logging is done internally on the fax machine. The computer resident software is just reading the fax machines internal log.
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