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    Opera's "LINK" feature security opinions


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    Hello everyone.

    Not sure where to post it, so move it if its in the wrong section. My question is more about policies and privacy concerning the Opera Link feature.

    I need a solution to share my browser's 'everything' on multiple machines. Opera LINK seems to do exactly that, but for the people here on AO that know me, you know that i am extremely paranoid most of the time. My main concern is PRIVACY.

    For example, i have many bookmarks, that i really DON'T want other people seeing. So my questions are:

    1 - How secure is my data if i choose to use opera LINK (data as in bookmarks, history, saved passwords)?

    2 - Does opera filter out, or 'spy' or look at my settings/bookmarks/history etc....?

    3 - (again for the people that know me) Should "I" trust it and use it without breaking my head of these thoughts?

    4 - From a security point of view..... does anyone else use and 'TRUST" this feature?

    5 - Any alternative solutions (without having to carry stuff with me on USB sticks, etc...)?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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