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Thread: Best Encryption SW for External HD?

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    Question Best Encryption SW for External HD?

    Encryption is a new realm for me, so I could really use some advice...

    One security hole we have is that we backup daily to a removable external NetDisk hard drive, which is taken home by one of us each evening. What software would you suggest for encrypting data that is backed up to the removable HD? What's the best method?

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    AK, what are your requirements? Open Source or COTS? Win or *NIX Platform(s)?

    It sounds like this is a small business operation (taking home a hard drive each night...not your normal Enterprise Data Protection sort of process. I'm not criticizing at all, it's an excellent solution for some businesses, I'd wager.) That being said, I doubt you're going to spend 6 figures on Veritas (Symantec) encrypted data storage I give you two options. - PGP suite has a PGP Disk tool, I use it, works *quite* well. It basically creates a file which the system mounts as a drive letter in windows. PGP is relatively cheap, compared to a lot of solutions I've seen and used. - TrueCrypt was found by a quick Sourceforge search. It says Stable/Production for development cycle and it has a high activity level, so I would say it's definitely worth playing with in a test environment.

    I'm sure there are others waiting to be announced by our comrades here.
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    I have used/tried two programs

    Advanced Encryption Package 2005 Professional Itīs rather cheap (40USD I think) and works fine.

    The other is Folder lock. I use folderlock at work to encrypt/hide documents on a shared PC. This one costs about 40 USD too.

    I like both of them.

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    I'm using Kryptel at my work in online store for weekly backups, and lately open source version is released that's speaking about backdoors. another software is VeraCrypt, it's an excellent and free software and i have been using it for several years.

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