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    Connections when loading AO?

    Hey guys, I have noticed this and it has been bothering me for a little while so maybe some of you vets can shed some light on the situation. I have looked into this situation so know that I am not just flying off the handle and posting wildly. =P Whenever I go to AO (just AO nothing else open no other connections), my browser initiates over 200 connections! I know many browsers will spawn multiple TCP connections(puh like at most 20) to sites in order to speed up loading the page, but over 200? Anyway, it is always to 3 servers. Their IPs are (DNS says this is AO so I am alright with that), (some virtual server on akamaitertechnologies.com which is also understandable if AO is using their services to speed up traffic), and (DNS does not resolve o.O what the f!?). The last one I am the most worried about, any ideas on who that is? The fact that I open over 200 connections is also of concern, but I was wondering if anyone else can post their browser's network stats when they log into AO so I can quell(or justify) some paranoia >.< I would be worried about spyware if the connections were that high upon start up of the browser because it would be very clear that something is piggy backing on my browser (and is very elusive), but no this is just visiting AO. It just gets curiouser and curiouser too. I am relatively concerned since this PC is my work's PC (which friggen makes me run windows mumble mumble mumble grumble mumble grumble mumble) but I have ran some boot time scans, looked through popular areas where viruses and spyware hide/leave their tracks and found nothing very conclusive (the suspicions I have I mostly just figure was windows being the overly complex operating system it is) with the exception of upon visiting AO, I find that I have downloaded a file to a weird location, as in NOT the default download location (the file has something to deal with the DB sqllite the file is called download.sqllite and is saved within some hidden directories) and also multple IE temp files (This is VERY weird since I don't USE IE) two of which are labeled as APIs >.> Can anyone else show me what goes on when they connect to AO? Better yet, can anyone offer any sage wisdom that would quell my fears and suspicions or maybe validate them? Is AO running aggressive scripts? It wouldn't make much sense since I have scripts disabled, but there could be some kind of exploit that changes that though >.< I don't know, what do you guys think?

    EDIT: Another connection just started! o.O resolves to ipt.aol.com.... I haven't traversed any other pages either
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