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Thread: Router how to find port number for Web Management ?

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    Router how to find port number for Web Management ?

    Hi Expert

    I enabled D-Link (DSL-502T) router web management (I am aware of security implication).

    I was able remotely to login to the router (by typing http://23.45.xx.6y) before changing the default number 80.

    Then I changed the port number from the default value 80 to 21908 ( https option is not available) for better security, and when i tried to login to the router by typing this :


    Yes I am aware that if I am physically near to the router then I can check that , but this is not the case with me.

    How can i make sure that i had changed port number form 80 to 21908 ?

    Does NMAP do a trick to reveal which port is used for web management ? or are there other better options ?

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    Hi zillah - Try this:

    nmap -p 21908 23.45.xx.6y
    That will check to see if that port is open on that host. Of course you can swap 21908 for 80 to see if it is still running on the old management port.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi westin

    nmap -p 21908 23.45.xx.6y
    I did check that and nmap found it closed


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    why not telnet to the ip and port

    should be a simple y/n issue here

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