Good to be back here. Sorry if this is bumped due to not being a proper thread.

Look, here goes. Very tough for me to write this. I hope there isn't gasoline on me, because i can feel a couple flames coming.. But in this case, I need a spark..(OK, preamble is over); For those who read this, thank you in advance.

I have a history. I love the way computers work. Always have. It was only 4 short years ago, I had a box running slack, was starting my venture into coding. Loved coming on here. Problem is, never gave myself a chance. I'm only 23 now, but the other day when it hit me how much I miss learning about computers, is when I decided to dive back into this. Look, I don't owe anybody on here any resume's or explanations, but when my father passed away, i lost interest in everything. I had then developed a big problem with drugs and alcohol the past 4 years. And am 1 month in recovery now. And when I decided to install ubuntu over the weekend for the heck of it, I realized that I couldn't memorize all but maybe 4 or 5 simple commands. My goal is to become some kind of UNIX system administrator - network administrator, possibly delve into computer crime. I'm not saying i'm leaving windows out of it, but I remember when I was into *nix, boy did i love it. But the question is this: Where in the fiddlin hell do i start ? Should I forget everything i've learned before ? I know the word "google" all too well, believe me it's my best friend.. But I want some direct "human" answers to this.. Maybe some of you have been through similar endeavors. But it really hit me hard the other day when I realized that I do not want this passion of computers to go to waste. Not to speak in yesterday's, but some of you great people on here that I can remember helped me very much throughout the years: Ennis, Nihil, Gore, Ms. Mittens. It's crazy that i can remember that lol. I haven't opened a book on computers in 4 years, im worried what's changed that i knew before. What stuff still applies, etc. Any input or atleast a kick in the butt would be appreciated. Sry moderators for the ramble .