Hello friends. Tough to write.
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Thread: Hello friends. Tough to write.

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    Hello friends. Tough to write.

    Good to be back here. Sorry if this is bumped due to not being a proper thread.

    Look, here goes. Very tough for me to write this. I hope there isn't gasoline on me, because i can feel a couple flames coming.. But in this case, I need a spark..(OK, preamble is over); For those who read this, thank you in advance.

    I have a history. I love the way computers work. Always have. It was only 4 short years ago, I had a box running slack, was starting my venture into coding. Loved coming on here. Problem is, never gave myself a chance. I'm only 23 now, but the other day when it hit me how much I miss learning about computers, is when I decided to dive back into this. Look, I don't owe anybody on here any resume's or explanations, but when my father passed away, i lost interest in everything. I had then developed a big problem with drugs and alcohol the past 4 years. And am 1 month in recovery now. And when I decided to install ubuntu over the weekend for the heck of it, I realized that I couldn't memorize all but maybe 4 or 5 simple commands. My goal is to become some kind of UNIX system administrator - network administrator, possibly delve into computer crime. I'm not saying i'm leaving windows out of it, but I remember when I was into *nix, boy did i love it. But the question is this: Where in the fiddlin hell do i start ? Should I forget everything i've learned before ? I know the word "google" all too well, believe me it's my best friend.. But I want some direct "human" answers to this.. Maybe some of you have been through similar endeavors. But it really hit me hard the other day when I realized that I do not want this passion of computers to go to waste. Not to speak in yesterday's, but some of you great people on here that I can remember helped me very much throughout the years: Ennis, Nihil, Gore, Ms. Mittens. It's crazy that i can remember that lol. I haven't opened a book on computers in 4 years, im worried what's changed that i knew before. What stuff still applies, etc. Any input or atleast a kick in the butt would be appreciated. Sry moderators for the ramble .
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    Quote Originally Posted by n01100110 View Post
    possibly delve into computer crime.
    lol wut? >.< not quite the approach you want to take ;P Though I do bow in respect to you being a senior member and all for I am just a kiddie. (emoticon for bowing here, I can't think of any >.<)

    I am interested in your history though. Much is still the same for information, its on the internet/your discovery. But cyber crime is bad >:-(

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    hahaha I meant stopping it ! .. Thanks for the quick reply though.
    "Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it."

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    Hi, welcome back!

    I haven't opened a book on computers in 4 years, i'm worried what's changed that i knew before. What stuff still applies, etc.
    Well, hardware has become much faster and more powerful. I don't think that software has necessarily kept up with it. I am talking about basic applications like office suites, web browsers and the like. My old kit still seems to run them quite happily.

    Software has become more bloated........

    Linux has become more user friendly with the addition of GUIs, desktops, and installers. I downloaded Slackware 13.1 the other day .............4.2Gb!!!!

    People still seem to use computers for much the same as they did 5 years ago, and I don't think that the basic principles have changed much.

    Most people now have broadband, cable or satellite. In general the population is more computer aware and have found how to use search engines.

    Social networking sites have blossomed.

    More traditional areas like IRC and discussion forums have declined in activity.

    E-commerce has expanded enormously.

    The bad guys have gone professional and criminal.............its all about cybercrime these days.........very rare to see malware that was purely written for mischief.

    I would say that what you knew before is probably pretty much valid today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n01100110 View Post
    I hope there isn't gasoline on me, because i can feel a couple flames coming...
    Your an "02" your flamewar skillz should be fully loaded. You'll find there are less public flamewars around here these days, to many sissy's whom complain when they give it, but when they start getting flamed back they cry over how we being big meanie's to them.

    and off course welcome back cotter.

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    I don't know who said it but it seems to be true.
    ubuntu is African for "I'm to stupid to install Slackware"
    IMO start with FreeBSD. HTML 5 is out or about to be released.

    WEB Programing is always fun.

    PHP, MySQL, PERL, MSSQL 2008 Studio if you're in a windows shop environment.

    Always good to know a bit about dotnet framework

    Everything you knew still applies. The new stuff is based on the old.

    64bit hardware now means you can't write assembly anymore by doing the math in your head. At least I can't.

    MetaSploit and Backtrack have some new exploits and tools.

    Wireless has changed in the last four years.

    Pretty much all I can think of at the moment.

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