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Thread: System problem

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    Hi keezel, long time no see.

    It does sound like a memory issue, though. I had a box like that once.
    I have come across many, but something about this one makes me suspect the HDD. Unless the installer is very clever, if it hits a bad sector it will just freeze up...........that is certainly my experience with Win2K and XP. A smaller distro might load where a more bloated one might not?............I am not a Linux guru, I just use it a bit

    I would test the HDD, as well as the RAM.

    It would be interesting to see if Puppy Linux would install?

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    I'm with nihl on the HDD. I had a bad HDD and it would not load any OS except Vista or 7. I suggest, if you have an XP, to install it and see if it too freezes. As for the RAM, take a simple pencil eraser to the modules, who knows you might be surprised at the results

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    Yeah, I had that problem with a laptop a few days ago.

    I couldn't reinstall XP Home or install MOON OS (Ubuntu based).............turned out that there was 440MB of bad sectors on the drive.

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    When drives start throwing up mumbo jumbo like that they get yanked from the machine, pulled apart and disposed of at different locations.

    just a matter of time before you get that familiar click click cliiiiiiiiiick noise happening.

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