Hey People,
Recently I bought a Philips monitor as in this link:

I also have a VGN-Z650N Vaio laptop. So I managed to use laptop as the secondary and Philips as the primary monitor (actually I have also tried using Philips as the only one but it didn't make any difference). I'm using VGA cable.

Now the problem: I don't know the right term but there is kind of wave in the Philips monitor! I don't know if that's what you call flickering or tearing or vibrating or what but that's it. The screen is not as stationary as my laptop. The problem is obvious in some pages of firefox because of their color or for example in "My Computer" when the page is mostly white so you can exactly feel the waves!

The refresh rate is 60 which is the maximum possible. I remember having such problem with my CRT some years ago but then I increased the refresh rate and it was solved and at that time I had a PC but now with LCD I can't.

This is not a problem that I can send the monitor back because of being defective so I appreciate if you can give me some guides to fix it.