Hi boyboy,

First off, let me point out that I am not a qualified electronics engineer

I don't think that it is a dirt issue, but you could try cleaning each of the 15 holes gently with a pin? Neither do I think that it is a dry (cold?) joint problem. {Expansion/contraction of soldered joints with microfractures in them}.

Both of those would normally have symptoms of the thing doesn't work, cuts in and out, or only works when the machine has warmed up or cooled down a bit.

What you described is more a failing or defective electronic component issue in my experience.

You didn't say why you "had" to use a VGA connection, so the best solution I can suggest right now is to get a D-Sub (VGA) to HDMI connection cable. Over here a 6 foot one costs around 2 (GBP), you will want male connections at either end. Basically you are stuck with having to use HDMI to connect to the lappy and whatever connection suits the other device.

I am afraid that the D-Sub port problem is a repair shop job, which would be $$$ unless the lappy is still under warranty. In either case you would be without it for a while

Hope that helps