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Thread: APPLE or DELL?

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    Why I build my own PCs.

    1. They last longer
    2. Cheaper
    3. Ain't tied to a bunch of junk they dump on you.
    4. Apple OS is a butchered Linux version in my book and as you state, locked in as far as hardware goes.

    Client had a complete fit when he found out I paid 1/2 of what he did for a store bought PC which was slower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    Hi Shay,

    I guess that what we should tell the people is that if you buy Apple, you are locked into their hardware and software?

    With a PC of any brand, you will have more flexibility?

    If such a person has to ask they don't know enough to have a preference.... In this case I always recommend going to large store like Harvey Norman and looking at/playing with the various display models.... go with what you prefer.

    Any such person who does this will get what they wanted since they may not know any better, or by doing the exercise realise what will meet their needs. I often add the comment of not to buy the product at these places as they charge through the nose and part way into the base of the brain.

    and of course anyone know wants to build their own PC but doesn't know what they want need are only doing so because they were told that was the best choice - and usually end up paying for stuff they dont utilise fully when a less expensive OEM would have been fine.

    If someone is buying a new computer, they don't have an existing one and have no pre-existing use or software requirement I recommend Apple straight off the bat, even if only to prevent the inevitable trademark windows heartache. Plus they have some awesome software suites.
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    In my view Dell would be the best

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    I prefer Dell. because I have it

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    In my Point Of View Apple is better machine , Reliable , and very unique . but is is much expensive then Dell .. We Cant Compare any Systems with Apple it gets a really we amazing graphics (^_^)
    Dell Systems are heavier than Apple systems .

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    If you are buying, then buy the cheapest...................otherwise build your own or get someone to do it for you?

    I have built stuff for around 250 that have been perfectly adequate for the user requirements. Shop bought stuff is aimed at what their marketing men think will sell?

    I think that home entertainment/theatre is a classic example? with music or a film, everything will happen at exactly the same time and you need an i7 for that?

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