Hey Guys,

Wondering if you could help here.

I have my exchange account and additionall POP accounts which I use for mail. All mail is recieved through my exchange for all mail accounts and then I can send on the individual account through the same SMTP.

Now on my laptop when I connect from home , normal xDSL I can send / recieve on my exchange account. So I can recieve mail from all mailboxes. But as soon as I try and send through one of the pop accounts it fails. smtp.gmail.com works fine on my desktop for my Gmail Imap account. If I dial up with 3G on my laptop I am able to send on all accounts, no issues.

Im not an exchange or SMTp fundi but what could cause this? I have checked with my ISP and they arent blocking SMTP at all. Hence I can send on the same network at home with Gmail. The error message is the basic one where it cant contact my SMTP server.

If you need more info about the setup please let me know.