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Thread: Network help!

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    Network help!

    Hello People

    I have just bought a second hand Netgear wireless modem router DGNB2100 to replace my freebie talk talk router.
    As i want to connect to my pc with the wireless usb, i have the netgear down stairs, this is plugged into my xbox 360 via a ethernet cable. When i switch the router on i get green solid lights for the power, the wireless, and the dsl lights, but that is it. When i switch the xbox on the internet light turns red after a few seconds when trying to connect to xbox live. I cant get the wireless usb adapter to connect to the router ethier. Any help would be super.

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    Are you saying that you're trying to use the DGNB2100 as a wireless client? Unless you find some custom firmware for it, I doubt that is possible. I'm not very familiar with the Xbox 360.

    Would it be possible to do it the other way around? Would the 360 be capable of using the USB wireless card? Or do you need an Xbox proprietary card?

    Regardless, what you're trying to do now wouldn't be easy, even if it is possible (afaik its only possible with custom firmware, which I don't even know if it exists for the DGNB2100).

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    How is the netgear connected to the internet??

    do you have the proper ports open on the netgear for the XBox to communicate???

    Try a different port for the xbox?

    Can you connect to the internet via you desktop when the Xbox is not on??

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    "When i switch the router on i get green solid lights for the power, the wireless, and the dsl lights, but that is it."

    Sounds like your modem router is bricked. Continuously-solid lights on all ports, even when nothing's plugged into them, usually indicates a bad/nonexistent CFE. The CFE is the part of the firmware that has instructions for how the router boots up and initializes stuff. This is a very hard thing to fix if you're not familiar with JTAG or serial connections and protocols. And if experience is worth anything, you'll more-than-likely even have to solder the JTAG/serial connection onto the board, for they don't usually come with those connections already ready to use. That's assuming this router even comes with JTAG/serial...

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    Yeap maybe the router is fubared??

    Can you communicate with the router at all...like access its web interface???

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    I had a router once (it died badly) that insisted it plug directly into the internet and it had a port specifically for the internet.

    Looking at the netgear site, yours has a specific port for the internet.

    Does the router work with wired connections? ping etc

    With just the power applied and everything else disconnected what lights are lit.

    I know this is a dumb question but did you try the reset button to set it to factory default?

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    Why did you wish to replace your "freebie talk talk router'"

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