I am fixing an Alienware notebook running Windows XP Professional and when I turn it on, it goes directly to the Windows Splash Screen,(like usual) then all of a sudden, it goes directly to the checking file system screen on c: Type I'm using NTFS.

Anyways, it says CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3) completes it. Then on Stage 2 it freezes. It will stay at 0% percent. It has been like this for the past hour. It freezes and I cannot do anything. I have to do a *hard* shutdown (hold button in until it shuts down)

So, I try *last known good configuration* setting it will load into the windows desktop. However, the taskbar will not display (no start button, no time clock etc...) and the mouse will not move.

So then I tried Safe Mode the script comes down and again it freezes will not load into any desktop.

I tried safe mode with networking same thing.

I can access the desktop however, the mouse does not move and the taskbar will not load at all causing the software not to respond. If I could access just anything in the system I could fix this issue but it keeps freezing. I checked the BIOS all hardware is being detetected in their. No loud noise at all from the machine. Their is some important information on the system, that I need to get off of the hard drive before any reformatting.

Anyone have any ideas on what it could possibly be? PS; I do not have a hard copy of the windows XP Disk otherwise I could access Recovery console.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this issue? I have no clue what the doctor was doing before this occured? He was busy with a patient and I did not want to disturb him. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Later, Mike