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Thread: Help w.t.f

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    HYBR|D - I was using FF under Ubuntu when I posted that. I will take another look tonight if I remember.
    Late to reply, sorry bud. Anyhoooo'w, i grabbed the latest FF 3.6.8 and slapped a fresh install on my Suse11.3 install and i noticed that i got the double spaced lines also???

    i noticed that if i clicked the preview message it would show the double lines, i would then remove the extra line break and mash post and it seemed to appear normal..

    It has happened on a few other places i frequent, from the info iv'e dugged up from googling it seems to be confined to this version of FF and the way it's handling .js under *nix

    anyhow we can atleast sleep easy n not be paranoid.

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    Heh. Many thanks.
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    I would run Spinrite on the disk. Chkdsk is probably hanging on a damaged sector. Spinrite will at least show the damaged sector and do a partial recovery of the sector to a new re-mapped sector. You'll still have to replace the drive but you should be able to get the data back. It's expensive and probably not worth doing if you can get the data off with the drive in the state that it's in. But it's good software to have in general for emergencies. I once had a client with a laptop that was writing to the disk when it was dropped from a table. It would not boot at all. After ~46 bad sectors were relocated and partially recovered, the drive booted up normally and all the data was able to be backed up.

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    The tool I would use is roadkil's "unstoppable copier". It works at a very low level, irrespective of drive format, and tries to rebuild the files at the byte level.

    You need a spare drive or partition of the same size as the one you are trying to recover.

    You might consider investing in SATA/PATA 2.5"/3.5" USB drive docking stations as well? If you do then be sure to get them with their own power supply, as the little caddies might have problems with big drives. They are pretty cheap these days, I just got 2 and I guess I paid around 20 bucks for the pair.


    It has saved my (customer's ) butt more than once.

    So long as the drive will spin up, it will have a go, so it doesn't matter if the drive has physical or electronic damage.

    It is also FREE

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