Honkers (红客) are Chinese communist hackers
If you run a government site for a capitalist country, or if you run a site for some organization that the Chinese government does not like you might have run into them.

Anyways, this doctrine is written by my alter ego, 联合国独裁者. I sympathize with the security crowd, so I'm posting it here.

Anyways, this is supposed to be a fun post, so I hope you guys lol at it instead of getting worried.

this is the first(out of 3) sections, I will add more after I'm finished translating.

1. The organization of hackers
Hackers should be organized into several categories
Tacticians: Tacticians determine the strategic and tactical goals of the organization. They create attack plans and tactics.
Core hackers: Core hackers are the organization's main asset. Their role is to be the main striking force of the organization. Core hackers comprise of the best, and they focus on penetrating firewalls, hacking servers, stealing files etc
Auxiliary hackers: Auxiliary hackers play a support role for the core hackers. They focus on stealing passwords, maintaining botnets, internet phishing etc.
Security experts: security personnel within the organization have 2 objectives. The first one is to prevent the organization itself from getting hacked. The second objective is to prevent the organization from getting traced and getting caught.
Hardware experts: hackers need working hardware. Hardware experts focus on maintaining hardware, upgrading hardware and purchasing new hardware when necessary.
Communication experts: communication experts focus on maintaining communication channels, and encrypting communication.
Encryption experts: Hacking organizations often deal with sensitive information. Therefore encryption experts are needed to encrypt sensitive files and to destroy sensitive files.
Other non computer related support personnel: security guards, bankers, etc

The basic unit within a hacking organization is a cell. A cell could be placed anywhere. A cell is fully capable of conducting an attack. A cell should comprise of:
2-4 core hackers
4-8 auxiliary hackers
1-2 communication experts
1-2 hardware experts
1-2 security experts
1 encryption expert

The size of a cell should not be increased. Instead more cells should be created when the organization increases in size. The members of each cell should be physically close, preferably in the same room.
The organizationís headquarters is mainly responsible for commanding and organizing large scale attacks. A headquarters unit should comprise of:

The size of the headquarters unit depends on the size of the headquarters and should be adjusted accordingly.

Communication within the organization should be regulated. All communication should be vertical(between headquarters and each individual cell).There should be no horizontal communication(between cells)