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    I have not played this game but in other LAN games I have played in I have needed to install IPX/SPX Protocol on the NIC on each machine.

    IMO, the router should be easily configured as per previous posts but I thought I would just add my $0.02

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    most routers have setting specifically for the top selling games
    making the config a couple of clicks affair
    I read it as a LAN too
    but if he is using the router as his network switch, then there is the possibility that the ports do need to be config'ed to allow play even on a LAN

    and IPX/SPX
    wasn't the original Red Alert the last game requiring that protocol ?
    TCP/IP all the way today :P
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    haven't read much but locally on the WiFi you wont have to port forward if I understand the setup, it has to do with a local f/w?
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    Guys, Unreal server calls home. You have to open or forward said ports.

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    mmmmmmmm.......... I knew it....

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