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    Need some advice

    I need some assistance with my last school assignment. I have to create a Power Point Presentation which is not a problem. I created a small 5 page presentation before Microsoft Office 2007 without any issues. Any ways, Here are the requirements of the presentation:

    • Create a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 15 slides.
    • Use a variety of slide layouts.
    • Include at least two clip art pieces or photos, one WordArt object, and one Shape.
    • Add a theme (designed background) with your slides.
    • Create a title slide that introduces you, your employer (International Travel Company), and your travel destination.
    • Include a slide that lists the name of the hotel you selected and a few details that will excite travelers about staying at this hotel.
    • Design at least two slides that list details about the two tourist spots travelers will be visiting.
    • Make a slide detailing the restaurant you chose for fine dining and a few possible dinner choices, if you have that information. You can make up the menu options.
    • Make a slide that indicates the dates of the trip (select from either the October or March dates), and the cost of the trip: $3,200 per person. Optional travel insurance may be purchased for $250.
    • Create a slide that indicates that a 50% down payment is required one month before the vacation begins (you determine the date) and that 50% is due one week before take-off.
    • The last slide of the presentation should motivate potential vacationers to sign up!
    • Include transitions on each slide and additional animation effects throughout the presentation.
    • Check your spelling, proofread, and save the document using the standard online file naming convention.

    Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
    I just need mostly ideas for the bullet list part. Also, the theme section, should I change the theme for each slide show page or keep it the same? I am new to this software so all help is greatly appreciated.

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    First.. you would do better if you had a theme that covered the entire presentation. Since it seems this is about taking a trip, the theme should probably be centered on getting there / being there / getting back ... or "being there"

    ie. pictures of a commonly known airport as your background, pictures of the destination airport .. make them faint so that the images themselves don't overpower your screen texts.

    2nd ...Bulletpoints are the really the easiest thing to come up with..
    *approximate flight time
    -->*from DC
    -->*from NY
    -->*From LosAngeles
    *link for most common airport restrictions and regulations
    -->*no explosives
    -->*1oz or less bottles
    *common reminders
    -->*bottled water - carry empty refillable container fill from fountain after security checkpoints
    -->*leave room to bring back trinkets ..
    *set alarms
    *Have FUN!!

    Pretty simple stuff actually.. Hope you get a good grade!!

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