I have information about a potentially dangerous security breach / issue.

Although this might not be a traditional issue for you guys here i need to ask somewhere for some guidance. What i have witnessed is the possible "hacking" of some phone line hardware on a telephone pole. I'm not too knowledgeable about what would be going on inside that box but i imagine it has a bunch of wire routers on it and something to do with the internet signals. However, let me explain my story.

I live in a pretty rural area on the west coast, not the boon docks but not a typical urban suburb. Last night around 12:40PM i heard my dog barking and woke to then hear a truck parked outside my house which was running. I thought it was my son driving up to visit my house at night (he does that sometimes and i go yell at him for showing up so late) so i went out there with my dog to yell at him only to find that he is not there but that there is a comcast truck parked by the phone pole with a man standing outside of it putting on on a helmet and gloves. I walk up to him and ask "what are you doing?" and he looks at me and then turns his head away and says "just working on the wires"... He then walked away, picked up his "orange cone" and then got in the car and drove away.

I have security cameras on my property due to some events around the neighborhood. So i went in side and watched the truck drive away down the road and stop. I could hear it idling. and stopped.

Now, all of this doesn't sound strange but there are some personal details which give me cause for concern. A next-door neighbor of mine has been harassing me and recently (calling the cops saying i have a meth lab and am growing marijuana / manufacturing drugs) i had taken her to court for an anti harassment order which was served...
Any ways, when i initially approached the Comcast truck at night i was thinking that it was weird they were outside at this time of night and then when i saw the man look at me i realized that he was a local man that lived a few miles away and then recalled that he is the boy-friend of the woman next-door. Immediately i was curious as to what might be going on and had a fear that she was getting him to do something which i don't understand to the phone lines, thus put me at a security risk.

When i heard the car idling i looked out my window and could see the woman next door in walking around frantically with the light on talking on a cell phone.. I thought it was her talking to him so i turned off all my lights to pretend like i was sleeping and waited.. Sure enough 5 minuets later the truck comes back and sits outside, but not at the same spot, for about another 5 minuets and then drives away.

The next morning i called Comcast right away and asked if they had any service calls or if any work was being done at the location, when i mentioned that it took place at 12:00 the customer service woman told me she needed to transfer me to a supervisor. That supervisor told me that they had no records of any work being done there or scheduled to be done there for sometime (it's just a grey box on the telephone pole about 2.5' square), she recommended that i call the police.

The story only gets weirder at this point but i will save the rest of the details unless asked...

The main thing i noticed is that today my internet is constantly saying "web page cannot be displayed" and i am also getting message on the browser that says the connection is being used at another location (i'm currently at another location using a different computer & internet). When i pick up my phone to talk in it there is a sound in the background like a 56k modem (u know what i mean?)... the days before last night nothing like that has been heard.

Does anyone have any help or suggestions as to where to go to check if something has been done? when the police came they blew me off and told me that they have "never had problems with that woman" and they kept interrupting me and not letting me speak my case, changing the subject and asking about the woman's ex husband John (who used to live there too)... The sheriff hardly ever made eye contact with me and browsed around saying subtle things like, "people do things you would never expect"... He then went outside saying he was going to call Comcast and came back saying he spoke with the head of their scrutiny department which told him "they have trucks going out all hours of the night"... and he repeated this too me and pretty much blew me off.

any help?