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    He's talking about the default search.

    What he should be looking at is how these toolbars only interact with sites that are apart of this whole internet2 consortium e-monopoly. The more people shift to a singular popular website, the more your views or.... anything even remotely intelligent gets drowned out by popular opinion and outright gossip.

    These toolbars help further enforce this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider View Post
    Well i am in two minds here. The only reason i use FF is because of plugins, Adblock plus, XMarks for bookmark syncs. If IE had these features I would really use it.
    If you still use ie7 grab ie7Pro it comes with a ton of nice features adblocking comes default, you can even import your adblockPlus filter into it, and XMarks is downloadable and can be installed as a Plugin into ie7Pro .

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    He's talking about the default search.
    In which case it is a Google issue rather than a FireFox one. Anyways, I thought that all the major search engines gather marketing data, irrespective of the browser that you are using.

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    Firefox patches vulnerabilities faster .. True (not the fastest) .. However Firefox had the highest number of vulnerabilities in past year ..

    Firefox is FAR STABLE .. I don't get the point how anyone could say that.. Firefox must have released more then 4 updates JUST FOR STABILITY.

    Anyone with decent knowledge of memory leak would tell you not to use firefox, lets not talk of anything else.
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    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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    Well I know that FF has tended to have memory leak problems but this has frequently been with badly written plugins and add-ons.

    I cannot say that I have personally had any problems myself, but I have plenty of RAM

    I think that it has had problems with Java as well?

    Also IIRC FireFox is designed to use more RAM on systems that have it available?

    The main problems that I have experienced with FF have been with performance and stability of some versions of 3.x................ like a browser shouldn't take over 5 minutes to load?

    I am currently using 3.6.10 and haven't had any problems so far.

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