Haha, yea. That's some set up you have though. A Museum is kind of neat. I'd probably have one too if I could afford it right now, because some of the older machines, they have a style I just think is cool.

I want some of those Amiga boxes from back in the day that were.... I think it was the Amiga 1000 or something like that.... It had a really cool looking GUI for it's time, and basically I've never gotten to use one.

Anyway, I'm not currently planning on downloading IE 9 since on Windows I only really use two browsers, one of which is Seamonkey.

It makes me wonder why Seamonkey isn't more popular actually. I mean other than me, who here really uses it?

For a while, Seamonkey was all I used. I still don't like Firefox personally, and I don't have it installed on here.

I'm still using Opera and Seamonkey only on Windows. And then on Linux I use Seamonkey, Opera, Epiphany, Dillo, and a bunch of others because I have like 8 installed on my Debian box.

On FreeBSD, same as Linux. Mostly Opera and Seamonkey.

By the way, does anyone actually use Seamonkey here? If not, why? The Mail Client, personally, for me, is actually nicer than Thunderbird, with like half the resources needed.