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    Apple Hardware Questions - Laptop Repair

    hey everyone, Sorry I have not been online in aaaagges. Life gets so Busy. Also I need to get the "Agent Boudreau" removed, as I was fired from geeksquad (thank god, long story).


    I have a macbook. First gen Intel white macbook.

    the one with the nassty yellow palm rest issue.

    Im looking at replacement parts.. And I noticed replacement parts for the black macbook.

    Im wondering.. How different are the parts?

    My ultimate goal would be to mod a black and white "MooBook" with parts I order online.

    so before I swipe the card, Im doing some research to find out if the parts are interchangeable.

    It makes logical sense they would be, why design a different housing layout just because the mac is black? why not just make the plastic black.. but this is also Apple we are talking about, so it could be anyone's guess.

    I really love this macbook, it has 2gb memory with a 1.83 core duo. isnt the best on graphic power, but suprisingly the battery after 4.5 years of ownership still holds a charge for upto an hour!

    the cdrom died about 2 years ago. stopped reading discs. So what started this whole idea was getting a new dvd drive.

    So, final thoughts...

    Does anyone have experience taking a part multiple macbooks? or know if the parts interchange?

    Thanks a bunch guys!
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    If they are the exact same model then yes the parts are exactly the same thus are interchangable.

    Grab yourself a set of those "Specialist ScrewDrivers" will make things easier on yourself.

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    Be careful! Apple tend to use screws of different lengths (at least they did with the G3 and G4) if you put one back in the wrong place you would hose the motherboard

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    got the title changed.

    and as far as the macbooks go.. they are technically not the same models.

    one has is more basic, the white version. the black version has a better motherboard and dvd drive, but that was it. and its black... haha

    im well aware of the mac's funky design techniques.. i remember one issue where your palm would rest on a part that would over time flex and short out the motherboard.
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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