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    Question about Tor

    Can someone please explain how to use Tor-Resolve?

    I believe it resolves the IP address of a domain without sending packets to the domain. How is the application used?

    If you double click Tor-Resolve.exe, it flashes up and disappears. When i use it in a CMD window, it doesn't seem as straightforward as i first thought.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It's just a resolve query sent through/to a SOCKS proxy.

    tor-resolve(1) - Linux man page

    tor-resolve - resolve a hostname to an IP address via tor
    tor-resolve [-4|-5] [-v] [-x] hostname [sockshost[:socksport]]
    tor-resolve is a simple script to connect to a SOCKS proxy that knows about the SOCKS RESOLVE command, hand it a hostname, and return an IP address.
    -v Display verbose output.
    Perform a reverse lookup: get the PTR record for an IPv4 address.
    Use the SOCKS5 protocol. (Default)
    Use the SOCKS4a protocol rather than the default SOCKS5 protocol. Doesn't support reverse DNS.
    See Also
    tor(1), torify(1).

    See doc/socks-extensions.txt in the Tor package for protocol details.
    Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu>, Nick Mathewson <nickm@alum.mit.edu>.

    Now, if you want to lookup antionline.com:

    #tor-resolve -5 -v www.antionline.com

    Tor-resolve is obviously the command. We use -5 to indicate that we're running through a socks5 proxy instead of a socks4. -v gives us verbose output. www.antionline.com is the host we're looking up. is the socks5 proxy and port it is supposed to use.

    Let's say you want to find the domain name associated with an IP:
    #tor-resolve -5 -v -x

    Same command, structure, etc, except we added the -x switch to indicate we want it to return PTR records.
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