<!-- InstanceEnd -->猼祴敬椠㵤䈢乁䕎卒奔䕌祴数∽整瑸振獳㸢戊⹲汣慥晲潬瑡捻敬牡戺瑯㭨栠楥桧㩴瀱㭸搠獩汰祡戺潬正※楷瑤㩨瀱絸㨊潦畣筳畯汴湩㩥潮敮੽昮潬瑡江晥筴汦慯㩴敬瑦੽搊癩琮形敭畮扟Ⱨ⌠扴慟Ɽ愠栮獯整彤祢‬⹡畢汩彤畢瑴湯‬⹡畢汩彤畢瑴湯猠慰⹮瑢彮敬瑦‬⹡畢汩彤畢瑴湯猠慰⹮瑢彮楲桧ⱴ搠癩猣慨敲獟捥楴湯‬楤⍶敳牡档扟牡‬氮捹獯江杯Ɐ⌠浟湥筵慢正牧畯摮町汲⼨摡⽭摡椯慭敧⽳摡慢䅔⁇ⴭਾ⼼潮捳楲瑰ਾ</body></html>

What does this mean? Not the chiense lettering, but why is it inserted into the source code when the website is set in the states? Also, how can I remove the code? From displaying on thr website it's self? I tried editing/deleting it a text editor and re uploading it but with no luck? Any tips, suggestions, is greatly appreciated, It only does this on a couple webpages I created but not the whole website.