My Trend is due to expire, went to Trend's site, and now they have
Trend Micro Titanium which uses “cloud technology”

Has anyone used this, or know how it works?

From what I can gather everything you do will first be looked at by their cloud before it reaches your computer.
But doesn't this just make them a man-in-the-middle ?

So ALL my bandwidth goes through them first?

Does anyone else have a problem with this, or is it just me?

They say it speeds things up because you don't have to constantly download file patterns, etc., and you use less space on your hard drive. But then how do they tell if a file you downloaded two weeks ago ( which they didn't know about ) and now wants to run on your computer is malicious ??? Or an e-mail you haven't opened in two years?

It is one thing to trust an AV company, quite another to trust them implicitly.