Hello fellow members of AO. I have a customers Gateway Desktop 500GR. My client accidently shutdown his system by accident. How? He turned off the battery backup power supply with his foot while the system was on at the desktop. Ever since then, the computer loads into the desktop then immediately reboots it's self and is stuck in a continous cycle. It will load into the desktop SOMETIMES then immedately reboots it's self.

I hit F8 tried (last known good configuration) didn't work. Tried starting windows normally no luck same issue.

I tried booting the system into safe mode, and I was able and to check the event viewer found a couple errors in there. Tried to resolve those errors didn't work. I tried system restore from safe mode didn't work. Prior to this the client did a norton scan nothing found. Samething with adware /spyware no issues. I checked the hard drive using computer management 79% free on the Hard drive and it states it's heathly.

As a last resort I backed up the data he wanted in (safe mode with networking)and as a last resort I used the restore DVD. I can get the system into the desktop but it still keeps rebooting it's self. Also, anytime trying to update the system using windows update or nortons AV update it starts the process then just reboots it's self automatically. Also, I tried not loading any updates and after 5 minutes or so at sitting at the desktop it just reboots it's self.

After another hour of trial and error, I tried again, a fresh clean install using the recovery DVDS and I am still having the exact same issue. Anyone have any ideas as what could be causing this issue?

After a clean install it still should not be doing this. Also, I checked the BIOS everything is set properly, made no changes in there. I am starting to think possibly a hardware issue espically after doing a clean install. Any ideas, tips, suggestions all help is greatly appreciated. PS; my client is going to be pissed and he needs his computer back to day. Help