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Thread: M$ vs Firefox?

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    M$ vs Firefox?

    Hi folks,

    Sorry for my absence ...........it was either gastro-enteritis or gastric infuenza.............. I couldn't get to a computer.... and I am not sure of the size of the eye of the needle either

    I just got a message from the M$ firewall that it didn't like FireFox????

    Anyone else seen that?

    Or has my mate Byte| got a job with M$

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    Has anything changed on the system recently Johnno? Updates / Configuration/s changed?

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    Just the regular ol' Windows firewall? Nu-uh...

    Which version of Windows? I've only been on XP recently...

    Mozilla seems to act like this is a common occurrence - they have a How To on their site for setting up the Windows firewall to allow connections by Firefox... wonder why I've never had trouble?

    Anyway, hope you stay well... gastric anything never sounds pleasant...
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    M$ did a whole load of updates and the problem seems to have gone away?

    There was no obvious (to me) reason.

    I am using XP SP3 on this box.

    gastric anything never sounds pleasant
    I can certainly second that motion (emotion?)

    I guess I had better go and update wifey's XP SP3 machine?

    I have not tried Vista or 7 yet............... any feedback there guys?

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    I can say that I have never had a problem with the MS firewall causing issues with Firefox. Anymore, I don't see MS as such a bad guy... They still register on my Evil Scale... but Apple has been overtaking them with some of their practices lately. I still prefer Linux. [lets see what kind of flame war that statement invokes.]
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    Apple is the worst. Steve jobs dresses like a James Bond villian for christ sakes. And to top it off, the devices themselves are put together by chinese toddlers in sweat shops.

    I could buy a new car for the cost of their so called "computers". Documentation is some sort of trade secret to them. Infact, you pay them a few grand just for partial documentation. If someone actually bothers to write software on this stuff... the app-store alone takes 30% of your earnings. Ridiculous!

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    THE Bastard Sys***** dinowuff's Avatar
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    You don't need Documentation, you just need an appointment to Step up to the Genius Bar

    I was in getting a replacement iPhone for a client. (He needed the bigger GB's and the Y Fies).

    Any this idiot kid was trying to sell some 80 + year old lady a Mac Book Pro with all the accessories, almost $4k. I ripped the guy a new one for trying to rip off someones grandma! Well I needed something to do while waiting for my appointment with the "Genius"

    Actually I was very polite when suggesting to grand ma how she didn't need all that horsepower, when the sales idiot said. Sir, You just don't seem to understand today's technology.

    My retort started with:

    The only thing you know about technology is what Steve Jobs tells you.

    It got worse, Manager intervened! All apple store employees egos got knocked down a notch or two.

    I ****ing hate fruit hardware and software.

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

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    AO übergeek phishphreek's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dinowuff View Post

    I ****ing hate fruit hardware and software.

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
    My thoughts EXACTLY. I've toyed with the idea of getting a part time job there just to talk their customers out of buying anything crApple.
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    I ****ing hate fruit hardware and software.
    Hmmm, I am not adverse to fruit and nuts...............

    I have a couple of ancient Acorn machines running the RISC OS. I have also encountered Apricot PCs. This was a medium sized UK company that made basic desktops at a favourable price in the days of IBM, Compaq and HP.

    Best I ever saw was a 486/66MHz...............they either were taken over or went bust.

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    Hmm, so there are Acorn machines that aren't in Museums? Good God... And yes, the American knows what an Acorn is. In one episode of BOFH the PFY has one

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