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Thread: M$ vs Firefox?

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    Yes we do brew "beer" in that is what we call all drinks of that type, so bitter, lager and ale are all "beers".

    The only American beers I have seen over here are Budweiser and Miller. They are "brewed under licence" so you can bet they bear little resemblance to what you get in the States Stuff brewed under licence tends to have been modified to suit what are perceived to be local tastes.
    I have had imported Michelob (in bottles) at a US Navy base, and I found that rather nice

    There was a trend over here in the 1980's and 90's for the large brewery chains to take over the smaller local brewers and foist their chemical crap on their outlets. Eventually this spawned a reaction in the formation of CAMRA (CAMpaign for Real Ale) who avidly promote traditional beers, brewers, and outlets.

    Things have gone full circle now, with the emergence of small and micro breweries making "real ale" (organic) using traditional methods and ingredients. These are generally what I drink.

    I know Sam Smiths, it's original brewery is about 9 miles from where I was born. It has been going since when the United States was still a part of the British Empire It has been independent and family owned throughout.


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    Get yourself a bottle of Burning River Pale Ale. Let me know what you think

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    Hmm, what kind of Beer is that? I have very distinct tastes in Beer, and for the most part, these are my favorites :

    Hacker-Pschorr - Basically every Beer they make seems good. The first time I had this Beer, I knew it was special. Not only was it the best tasting Beer I'd ever had EVER in my life, it STILL is. The Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse, is the BEST beer ever. It's imported from Germany, and, something that I read about online, is that apparently, a lot of Bar Owners who have this on tap, notice that it does NOT have an "Export Only" sticker or whatever on it. Basically, the Beer you drink here, or somewhere else, is the same one you would drink in Germany.

    The Beer is a White Beer that has a VERY good flavor. I mean this stuff is simply amazing, and hard to beat. The White Beers you can drink that everyone can find everywhere, usually have a very similar taste; They have that almost spiced flavor, you know what I mean?

    Well, this one is like.... It's similar, but it's no where NEAR that bland. This one is like.... It's an amazing blend of spices, and it has a GREAT taste. I mean, the first sip of the bottle, is just as good as the last one, and you can literally taste every spice in this stuff. It's AMAZING. I HIGHLY recommend it. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that it IS the best Beer on Earth.

    I've drank a lot of beers, and I don't normally stick with any one beer because I'm so ****ing picky, but this one, I do. It's THAT good. Anyone here who has had this, would probably reply to this and point out that it IS an amazing tasting beer.

    A site that shows an A Rating. It's SO Good

    As you can see, it does get good marks.

    That picture shows you the Bottle, the difference in size from a usual Bottle of Beer, and of course... That BEAUTIFUL Color!!


    A bigger, easier to see image of the Bottle. I'm not kidding about the great taste of this Beer by any means. I don't even drink much. Literally, the last time I had a drink of ANY kind of Alcohol, was 2 or 3 years ago on Halloween. I just don't Drink that much. However, for a Hacker-Pschorr, I'd probably crack one Open right now.

    The last Hacker-Pschorr I drank, I had bought and was saving for a special Occasion. Well, I saved it for a while, and it was hard not to drink, because it's so good, but, I saved it for a while, and drank it with my Wife on Her Birthday. It's so good hehe.

    Basically, I HIGHLY recommend that you find a Bottle. Get the White or Gefe Weisse Bier! You won't regret it.


    Warsteiner - Another German beer I found here in Michigan. It's a great tasting stronger beer. By the way, but stronger, I don't mean alcohol so much as taste. You actually taste the Beer when you drink this one. It's great. Good flavor, good body, almost like a Coffee; You want to taste it just right

    As you can see, I'm a big fan of German Beers.

    HOWEVER! I also LOVE this:

    Molsen Export - Great Beer, clean taste.

    Molsen Canadian. Thank God I live on the border. It's a great Beer, it has a good clean taste, and not once have I ever drank it and wondered "WTF is this?" Because it's a great tasting all around good beer.

    Molsen Ice - Again, Molsen Beers all seem to have this great clean taste and flavor all around. I don't know what it is about Molsen, but they really have this amazing ability to make awesome Beer. My Wife is Canadian, and a lot of my friends are too, and of course, my In-Laws are all in Canada, so when we go visit, I like to grab some Molsen.

    I personally don't even care which one it is, they are all good from what I've had. When I lived in Montreal with my Wife, before we moved back here, we used to go to a place called "foufs" all the time, and basically, my Wife and I would grab some Molsen Ice, or Molsen Export, or Molsen Canadian, and have a ball.

    I don't know every Beer they make, but those three, I've had, and they're delicious.

    Anyway, those three brands are my personal favorites for that style, however I do like some Belgian Dunkel Biers. (Dark Bier in German) and I do also have a love of Guinness as well.

    The first time I had Guinness in a Bottle, I drank it, and that smashed the piss out of it with a hammer to get that little rocket out of it lol.

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    Anyone heard much or tried that Pale Moon webbrowser? it's meant to be a port of Firefox.

    i've tried getting some info from more reputable sites but not having much google luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HYBR|D View Post
    Anyone heard much or tried that Pale Moon webbrowser? it's meant to be a port of Firefox.

    i've tried getting some info from more reputable sites but not having much google luck.
    ive used it its pretty good its supposed to be a port of firefox that is optimized for windows ,you can find it at the only drawback with it is certian plugins wont work with it

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