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    Potenial Virus Infection

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced e-mailing disappearing from Outlook 2007. It's second time it's occured on a user's computer Win XP SP3 (32 Bit) Office 2007. First time I ran a full anti-virus scan and malware scan using latest McAfee and Malware Bytes and MSRT.

    Now it's occured again symptoms are new messages just starting deleting. I am not sure if it is a virus unfortunately I can't take the chance because I am just 1st line support, so it's my duty to remove the system incase of potenial infection. However I am just wondering could it just be fault with user leaning on the delete key or has anyone experience similar issue.

    Many Thanks

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    Are the messages in the 'trash' after they are deleted? Or are they simply gone?

    Is the user using any other mail clients on different systems?

    Is Outlook 2007 configured with IMAP or POP?

    Do they have access to the email with a mobile device?

    Is there a web interface?

    Too many questions?
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    Hi Westin

    Well after the intial issue of messages deleting they just according to the user went to the deleted items folder. I have signed on to the same machine offline and messages are not deleting.

    It is IMAP he does have e-mail on handheld blackberry device.

    They is a web interface, but he doesn't use it often (possible once in a blue moon)

    He has signed onto another machine without issue.

    I was thinking possibly conflict between blackberry device and Exchange 2003, but this is only the 2nd time it's occurred and he has the phone for possibly 18 months.

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    If you delete on the blackberry it goes into the deleted items....by default Exchange retains deleted items fro 30 days ...so they can be recovered that way.

    If the profile is fine on another machine...user has probably set a filter or rule .....check that out.

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    There can certainly be a conflict between Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007. If you are set to use RDP over HTTP and the client is in cached mode. All sorts of things will do wierd ****.

    Not all Clients and not all the time.

    Email sub folders
    Shared folders
    Like I said, wierd **** will happen.

    You really need to upgrade Exchange. Outlook 2010 is going to bitch and moan about exchange 2003

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    Doesnt sound like a malware issue to me tbh.
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    Unfortunately I was forced to reimage the machine, we use cache exchange amongst all about users and we have about 50 locations on our active directory. Unfortunately (actually fortunate) I am not part of the server team. Aparently before exchange is upgrade all DC's and exhange servers need upgrading to Win 2008. Cinder I agree with you, but couldn't take chance. Thanks for all the advise though.

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    check all settings
    there is an option to HIDE read mails
    think it is under the VIEW list

    just read the re-imaged bit
    ah well :P
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