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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    Add a web based scanner.
    Mirrors of defacements.
    Update the board and fix the vulnerabilities.

    + add hello kitty to site's logo, Specialist can provide the .gif

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    I like this new theme a lot better. Its been a while since I've been on here and even I can tell this is a lot easier on the eyes than the old theme.
    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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    Some of us drink you know JPnyc..............

    After that it is hard to tell what you have accidentally highlighted and what are the site colours.

    OK, I have I work around, but I have had to change my settings to monkey puke green

    You see, there is no pleasing all of the people all of the time.

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    necro'd in the name of advancement...meaning, last time anything was done to this site.
    Every now and then, one of you won't annoy me.

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