sorry about th elate response been busy with school and evertyhing else. Anyways, I am doing this project on my own. ERight now, I am creating a power point presentation for the group.

Anywatys, you know how the budget is at 60,000? We bought 2 HP ALL IN ONE 200XT 1699.OO EACH

8 SLIMLINE s5650z
8 dell optiplex 960 for businesss total = $ 9,839.80

I still have pleny of money to plsy with since 20 windows licenses will cost 2,1008.

20 Office 2010 professional plus licences will cost 1,399.00

total for software $v 3507.00 This class is basic A+ for PC hardware. SO, what do you guys think of the computers we picked be honest Anything we should be on the loko look out foor.