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    madmacs spoofing for windows 7

    Does anyone know if madmacs program will work with windows 7 home, starter, or any other version? I am thinking of getting a netbook and need the spoofing, so it would be nice to know what OS I should look for. I could use another spoof program but his is very nice.

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    Should we be worried to answer?
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    Irong33k has info on he's site:> http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=s...cs-mac-spoofer

    I'm also positive that he's got a tutorial or 2 located here on these very forums regarding madmac's

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    I am thinking of getting a netbook and need the spoofing, so it would be nice to know what OS I should look for.
    To be honest with you, I don't believe in selecting an OS to support an application, unless it is bespoke, legacy or specialist like CAD. It is the wrong way round IMO.

    I know that madmacs will work with Vista which is pretty similar to 7.

    My advice is to go for 7 as that is the latest, and support for Vista will not be around much longer. You might consider going with Vista and then upgrading, by which time there should be a madmacs version for 7?

    If you know someone with 7, perhaps you could get them to test it for you, as it might work already?

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