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    What to do if a perfectly good site has been labeled as an attack site?

    the site is perfectly good, but Firefox and chrome labeled it as an attack site!

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    the site is perfectly good
    How do you know? have you checked all the code line by line?

    Remember how blacklists work...............you get on one and you have to apply to be taken off; it is not an automatic process. Even this site was on blacklists long after it had been sold to a legitimate corporate enterprise, that was not blacklisted anywhere.

    Perhaps the site's owners should take more care not to get owned, then they would stay off the lists? There has to have been a problem at some point, or you wouldn't get on the lists.

    I guess the only thing to do is to contact FF and Chrome? I haven't tried, but if you pull up the site and warning there is probably a help or what does this mean option which might tell you the procedure?

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    Clean the site up, make sure all files directory's have the correct chmod and make sure all FTP accounts have been secured and passwords changed and non guessable.

    the site is most likely serving corrupt .js thus doing a malware drive-by either the malware is being served straight from the site's webserver, or is being called from a remote location.

    Clean the site and get incontact with the relevant search enginges and they will re-scan your site on there next scheduled visit and you'll either pass or stay blacklisted.

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    Disable siteadvisor and/or ignore it? For years certian net-nanny programs had AO blocked simply because of the meta tags. Hell, Google labeled every site on the internet a threat because of a single keystroke sent to stopbadware.org

    Read the reviews sent to siteadvisor and there's your answer.

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