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    Hi neozoon,
    I am afraid that all that tells me is that NEITHER product did their job, which is to protect you? You ended up doing it manually?
    yes, neither detects it as a virus, luckily i found it quickly and could stop it from reaching servers, it was a real pain to find which pcs caught but cleaning was easy:

    the source was a usb disk, an employee keeps working late at his home he brings his files in the usb disk which was infected (so was his home pc of course ^^) but i reported the file to kaspesky

    about the system indicating a problem, the symantec process was there but with few megabytes, i guess it patched it or something to stop it from running

    back to the usb disk, i was going to make a thread and ask if someone had the same issue as me, cause GPO active directory has ways to block usb disk which i tried but unseccessfully. the reading writing authorisations are not spread on the network. but i'll read through out the forum before making the thread ^^
    ps:it's nice to be back to the forums, i was member as student now that i finished, i have time to read and get informed and share knowledge of course ^^
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