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    Google at it again!

    This thread is dedicated to The-Specialist, whom I know to be the most avid Google fanboi who ever lived

    In the past 48 hours, Google have:

    1. Trespassed on my property.

    2. Invaded my home.

    3. Insulted my intelligence.

    And before Dino gets a word in I will preempt him:

    "Insult nihil's intelligence? I didn' know Google had anyone technically competent enough to find such a target, let alone insult it"

    I go into my porch and find a booklet lying on the floor, obviously hand delivered as the postman had already been. Hence #1 & #2 above. In UK private houses the "postbox" is usually a sprung flap in the front door.

    This booklet is titled "A simple guide to the Internet" There is a highlighted circle on the front that says "Tear it out and pass it along!" Well I did think of tearing it up and using it for another purpose, but the paper is a bit too stiff and coarse for that!

    It also witters on about the booklet showcasing "some of the useful, interesting and enjoyable things that can be done online" Well, I looked very carefully, and I couldn't find a single link to a pr0n site!

    I wonder what Google are up to, and why this booklet should suddenly turn up out of the blue?

    All I can think of is that I had a friend call round Monday and he asked me if I had noticed that the Internet had gotten faster? I pulled up my hub management software and sure enough it was connecting at 16.5 Megabytes a second as opposed to the one megabyte previously!

    This suggests that my ISP have updated their hardware and probably have spare capacity, so this is probably a joint effort to promote their service and publicise Google at the same time?

    On the inside cover:


    "A computer is a doorway into a new world that you couldn't imagine was possible"

    Hmmm, I've heard about sites like that

    Anyways, I have been using the Internet since the days of 28.8K dial-up modems. I do hope the little boogers didn't take a picture of my house while they were at it................ I have yet to get round to repainting the front door.

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    Trespassed on your property? How did they manage that one?

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    16.5 Megabytes a second

    I wish.....highest I have seen here is 3....couple of 6 in the larger urban areas.

    Googles got a pic of my house...its quite a nice shot actually

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Hi JPnyc,

    Basically they crossed my building line without prior authorisation, which is trespass.

    They opened the mail flap, which is home invasion, as it is in my front door.

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    Google went to a lot of trouble to physically trespass and leave you a bit of reading material, Nihil. That's a rather nice, even old-fashioned gesture, don't you think?

    All I have to show for the trespasses against this place is more and more log files.
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    They forgot to leave the beer vouchers!

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