I am making a custom computer. The motherboard I purchased is ASUS P5G41-M LE/CSM
I bought one stick of DDR2 1GB & one stick of DDR2 2GB. I have a Seagate 160 GB hard drive. Video card 512 MB EAH 4350 SILENT. Basic Optical drive and a Intel Pentium Processor E5400 OR LGA 775. I went ahead and assembled the computer.
First thing I did was install basically everything to the motherboard first. Then I used the motherboard push pins to mount the motherboard then I screwed it to the chassis.
I hooked up everything correctly or so I thought. I think I need help with the power supply wiring it to the system, optical drives etc… For example, I have a black IDE cable one end inserted into the motherboard and now the back of the Seagate Hard drive does not have a IDE cable connector. Also, I installed the process or without using any of this Freeze thermal glue (I wasn’t sure if it was necessary) if so, let me know. I turned on the system and I seen ASUS splash screen then it gave an error and said the system will shutdown in 15 seconds. I tried to write down the error code but know I cannot even get an image on the screen. All help is greatly appreciated. Later, ps; if you need pictures just let me know.