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Thread: Quick question about memory

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    Quick question about memory

    I found a RAM module on as "DDR333 PC2700 DDR DRAM PC MEMORY 1GB" what does this say about the module? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    DDR-Short for Double Data Rate-Synchronous DRAM, a type of SDRAM that supports data transfers on both edges of each clock cycle (the rising and falling edges), effectively doubling the memory chip's data throughput. DDR-SDRAM also consumes less power, which makes it well-suited to notebook computers. PC2700 Memory runs on a 333MHz bus speed.
    -- Found on a vendors site.

    For more information, see:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Computernerd22 View Post
    That's an older RAM chip. It won't work w/ newer boards. The DDR standard was replaced by DDR2, which is being replaced by DDR3. RTFM. ;^)
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    I found a RAM module on what does this say about the module?

    As a rough guide it would be for single core processor machines. It was replaced by DDR(1)400.

    I have several machines that use it, and it may be useful if you have one of the earlier, alleged, 400 machines. Their FSB is only 333MHz and only the North and South bridges communicate at 400. try putting all 400 RAM in them and they become as unstable as hell (and I don't give a **** what Linux distro you use) they generally only support DDR400 in the first slot (slot 0 nearest the CPU). The rest has to be PC2700/DDR333, and that is the speed your system will be running at.

    You need to be a bit careful with RAM strips of that era, as some MoBos wouldn't support more than 512MB per slot. Remember, we are going back into the realms of Windows 2000 and XP, neither of which needed a lot of RAM for most purposes. Back then I would build with 1GB, and it was perfectly adequate.

    OK it is probably much more expensive than modern DDR2 RAM these days, but who wants it?

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