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Thread: Build a computer help!

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    Well, **** like this does happen once in a while.

    Again, why I said to test with nothing but CPU and memory hooked up as you narrow down what parts could be bad. Guess you tried to use the other memory chip.

    Next would be to try your CPU in another board if you could, or your MB with another CPU.

    And check the power supply with a VOM.
    There are plenty of articles on how to do it. Just remember, an ATX power supply will not work unless it is connected to the motherboard ( which I don’t like to do ) or you have to short pins 14 & 15. Maybe your instructor can help you with this if you have never used a VOM.

    Sorry you are having these troubles.

    Well, back to work for me.
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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    At this point I am beginning to suspect defective components? The PSU does seem favourite, followed by the MoBo?

    Incidentally, I was worried by the MicroATX specification.................. the case is Micro as well and only has a 300W PSU. Not enough IMO?

    However, it should be good enough to get a BIOS post and load an OS? and give you "son et lumiere" (that's sound and video CN22)

    I seem to recall that this MoBo has a BIOS that monitors power quality and will switch off if it is erratic...........only from looking up the specs rather than actually having played with one

    CN22...............if you are not getting sound or video I would send the MoBo back.

    Also send the case back, and say that the BIOS is shutting the system down because it is defective.

    Given the very low cost of these items, they should just send you replacements without question. So I would just contact the supplier first, as they probably won't want the old one returned, which will save you shipping. In any case you would need an RTB authorisation, so you need to contact them first

    Then try again, and good luck!!!

    P.S. That is a lesson I don't think they teach you in A+.............. if it is straight out of the manufacturer's wrapping, that doesn't mean it isn't DOA.
    It is the change in the market; stuff is so cheap and competitive these days that some of the areas that manufacturers have tended to save in is quality control and quality assurance. Hell! I can remember paying $130 for an 8MB strip of 72 pin EDO RAM.......... but at least stuff worked back

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    Honestly, I don't know what they are going to do. Everybody elses in the classroom worked fine except this one. It is okay though. The systems cost 600.00 bucks and I don't know how they want to leave it. My professor didn't even have an answer besides try start the system with no memory in it to see if it POSTS.

    Another student mentioned something about cardboard boxing. I asked him what it was and he said basically isolating each computer part to narrow down the issue. Either way the system is a no go. What that bad news is we were going to start on software this Tuesday. Windows 7 and a Linux classs. Oh well, sh1t happens.

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    My professor didn't even have an answer besides try start the system with no memory in it to see if it POSTS.
    What an absolute wanker!!!................nah! he has doubtless lost the instructions!!!

    You have all those people in class with the same kit? is only a 5 minute job to swap out your memory into one of those to see if the memory is OK?

    Then it is the case and MoBo that are stuffed............. send them back!, at their expense of course...........some bugger is making a tidy profit out of doing business with your "professor" and I am sure you are big enough to imagine the rest? They should just send you new ones

    I am, of course assuming that you didn't all go and find the same kit by accident?

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