Well, it's about that time again... The days are growing shorter, the nights growing longer, and the temperature getting colder...

Yes, Halloween!

AMC is playing Fear Fest, TCM playing oldschool Horror, and me... Well, my Mom said a few years ago She saw some Leafs turning colors and falling from trees and it reminded Her of me.

For the Irish and Scottish, a few hundred years ago, it was called "Samhain" (Pronounced as "Sow-En") and it was a night of celebration for crops so the people there could survive the Winter.

The Church moved All Saint's Day from May 13th to this time a few hundred years ago too, so that the Christians of the time would be celebrating in a similar time of year.

October 31st - November 2nd used to be different Holidays, and eventually the Calendar would say "The Night of all Hallow's Eve" and then eventually "All Hallow's Eve" and again shortened to "Hallow's Eve" then "Hallow-En" and, today, Halloween!

It's an amazing time. Even if you don't celebrate Halloween, if you try to explain Halloween to someone, you'd sound insane.

Think about that for a minute; How would YOU describe Halloween to anyone, without sounding Crazy? Little kids dress up in constume, a tradition dating back to Soul Cakes, with people asking for them, and in return, the people getting a Soul Cake, would then Pray for the Dead of the Household who gave it to them. (Soul Cakes are made with Raisins).

So, Parents who tell their Children never to accept Candy from Strangers, all of a sudden allow them to.

And, then try and tell this person you're celebrating the Dead. You're basically telling them "Well, in American, it wasn't until the late 1800s that Halloween was brought here, because it was a European tradition, not American, and that before kids were asking for Candy, people were saying the lines between The Dead and the Living, were, for one night, open.

That's really something to get people into. Imagine it. People being fine with the idea of the Dead no longer being held away from our World.

Oh and of course, people wearing costumes to keep away Spirits. The idea being it would be more scared of you than you are of it.

And then, of course, Jack O'Lantern being kicked out of Hell. Given a burning Ember from the Fires, and him putting this into a hallowed out Turnip.

Of course that has changed to the Pumpkin being carved. And the reason of course it's called a "Jack O'lantern". That's where that comes from if you're curious.

So all of this.... How is it that it all came to be? We now Celebrate a Halloween where Children wear costumes, have "Costume Parades" in some areas, and get Candy, and Adults have Parties.

Well, it wasn't always like this. Halloween has been a night of Power. If someone invented a real Time Machine, and went back to the 1400s, they would not find Pumpkins being carved up, or Candy being given out to kids. They would not even find the "Bogey Books" from the 1900s.

They'd find people doing Harvest. Why?

Think about it; In the Spring time, things come to life and blossom. Crops can be planted. People farming now have food. In the Fall, things die. This is another link to Halloween's roots in death.

I won't go into an entire book on the subject, but I've given some information that gives you an idea of what we are celebrating on this Holiday.

So, without further ado; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bonfires burning bright,
Pumpkin faces in the night,
I remember Halloween!
Dead cats hanging from poles,
Little dead are out in droves,
I remember Halloween,
Brown leaved vertigo,
Where skeletal life is known,
I remember Halloween,
This day anything goes,
Burning bodies hanging from poles,
I remember Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Candy Apples and razor blades,
Little Dead are soon in Graves,
I remember Halloween,
This day anything goes,
Burning bodies hanging from poles,
I remember Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

From the best bend ever, The Misfits.


For the second version, "Halloween II" listen here:


I actually knew the song already. I have the boxed set which includes a Translation.

Enjoy everyone!