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    Quote Originally Posted by phishphreek View Post
    I have 3 of them setup in my house in a mesh (overkill).

    Haha. Do you live in the Vanderbilt mansion?
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    Not sure on your internet setup. It really depends on a couple things. Do you host any services that people on the internet need to have access to 24/7? Is it absolutely critical that everyone knows your IP address at all times?

    I'd really rather let the router handle such things. 1) A computer uses much more power than a router, and 2) A router usually stays on ALL THE TIME anyways. May as well have it do something useful when it's not being used.

    If you do decide to let the router handle the dyndns stuff, I recommend either disabling or uninstalling the dyndns client on your computer. I remember having problems with dyndns when it would disable my free account because it was updating too often.
    Mostly use it just to RDP to my box and check that things are running doing the day, downloads etc. Not running an FTP or web server at all. I have uninstalled the software on my machine and will test later today but all looks good.

    I saw you already purchased but I figured I'd post anyway. I've had great luck with the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH and DDWRT. I have 3 of them setup in my house in a mesh (overkill). I have external HDs connected to them for media and one is even running squid caching to the HD.
    Yeah this thing has a USB input , remote management and FTP story. However im interested in your squid setup.

    Ive been looking for another box to run squid on , going well for you?
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