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Thread: ACTA treaty

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    ACTA treaty

    The most controversial paragraph in the final text leaves the door open for countries to introduce the so-called three-strikes rule. This would cut Internet users off if they download copyright material as national authorities would be able to order ISPs to disclose personal information about customers.
    The countries involved in the negotiations are Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, the U.S. and the E.U. Critics question the effectiveness of an agreement that does not include China, the source of almost 65 percent of all cases of counterfeit goods seized by E.U. customs in 2009.
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    Anybody here ever heard of India & Pakistan/Bangladesh?...........South America?............Mexico?..................Indonesia?

    This is a pathetic joke, the Swiss are immoral scum (They still haven't regurgitated their Nazi war loot), and "Morocco" ....just looking for foreign aid...............

    That shows it all for the load of crap that it is...........


    1. An IP Address doesn't prove who was using the computer, which computer it was, or where the computer was located.

    2. ISP/TELCOs don't provide secure equipment or even equipment that is security capable, other than a few basics. Who would pay to rectify that?

    3. Most users have no idea of how to secure their systems. There is not, nor should there be, any legal requirement to do so. I get really p1$$ed off at these asshats who seem hell bent on demonising victims and sanctifying criminals.

    4. Freetards are not stupid..............they know how to use proxies.

    5. Haven't these turd brains heard of "sneakermail"....... you cannot stop that.

    6. Just like drugs, the real criminals are the suppliers; not the consumers.
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