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Thread: VMWare Virus

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    VMWare Virus

    Has anyone heard anything close to this.

    VMWare host infected with Conficker which subsequently infects all VMI's?

    I didn't think that was possible, but have a reliable source that is re installing everything (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING) To the point that they are replacing the WISE terminals.

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    That's not good news, is it? Maybe they're overreacting. Has Conflicker morphed
    into a newer version?

    "We now have a copy of the Conficker code. It is VMWare aware and shuts itself
    down and hides when it detects that it is running under VM. This is new tactic of
    the better written viruses and trojans - it means you can not load it up onto a Virtual
    Desktop to examine it's behavior making it slower to generate AV signatures."


    It seems Stuxnet is VMware aware, also. Stuxnet is a nightmare.
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    I've seen lots of emulators that used a single directory (virtual drive) to store software and settings between different environments/roms.

    I used to tinker around with the Palm OS emulator/SDK years back and things where like that.

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