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    Im to lazy for titles

    In 2003 I attended a conference in Atlanta. I was in the lobby, at a table, sitting next to a stereotypical computer security nitwit. We had an interesting conversation about computer security.

    Years later im amazed to find out that it was put up on youtube. Here it is...

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    yeah, I don't get it... great scene though. :good:
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    Wow spec. You are a lot older than I imagined.
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    Bah... its the same effect.

    You point out to people why their very theory and philosophy towards computers wouldn't apply to the real world. And in return they either exchange angry looks or spit up their food and drinks.

    Symantec has hired up all of the Carolyn Meinel's of the world. At the same time im reading an article on cnet about this homeless-looking guy being taken to court for pointing out some petty-ante sql injection flaw. Overall im really disillusioned with information technology and the internet at large. But looking back I think it was that moment which really cemented it for me.

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