I think the site would benefit from some advertising revenue. Not collecting revenue from IBM from the ads at the top here, but SPENDING some revenue to get traffic here. Is there an antionline FB page? How about finding a volunteer to put up a blog on Blogspot? That's free! I see AO is page 1 for keyword "computer security forum"... that's a good start for generating traffic.

Is the page just not "sticky"? How about some added visual appeal? Maybe find a template that makes the page look more "solid" instead of white / black / blue? I would be willing to bet either there are some nicer free templates or an AO user might be willing to create something easier on the eyes. Maybe some gradient background... or???

How about a downloads section for some AO recommended free tools? Can you get a deal going with software developers to promote their "try it free" network sniffers, or offer the best freeware in a downloads area? Or maybe if bandwidth / disk space is an issue can you link to cNet downloads for some recommended tools?

Beef up the tutorials! Pictures pictures pictures!- compressed pictures that is. Lots of people have better learning retention with visual aids. Get in to hosting tutorial videos, or once again link to content on YouTube or something?

Yea it's a lotta' work but ya never get something for nothing.

P.S. Yes I know there are links in the tutorials area and elsewhere... but there's usually a lot of searching involved. It'd be nice to have some clearly defined areas for specific categories of downloads n stuff like that.

I guess just my .02 ha ha.