I'm not sure where to post this, as I didn't see a 'Scam' forum here.

My house was called about half an hour ago. My stepmom picked up the cordless phone, and noticed it said 'UNKNOWN CALLER'. Normally, she'd ignore the call right there, but she decided to answer this one.

I was sitting across the living room from her, so I could see she was quite confused. A few minutes later, she handed the phone to me. She told me it was something about a computer, and, naturally, that got my interest. The guy (herein known as "scam caller", or "sc") spoke broken English with a heavy accent, so I could barely understand him. The conversation went something like this (as far as I could understand him):

me: Hello?......Hello? (I hear primitive music playing in the background on the other end)....Hello?

sc: Hello?

me: Hello?

sc: Hello. I am calling you to let you know that the internet is a very dangerous place. It's filled with viruses, malware--

me: Malware? Really?

sc: Yes, malware. Do you have a (unintelligible) system on a computer?

me: What was that, I couldn't hear you?

sc: Do you have a Windows operating system on a computer?

me: Yes, I have lots of windows operating systems. On lots of computers. What about them?

sc: This will only take a couple minutes to fix.

me: Really? On all my computers?

sc: Yes. Now, approach your computer.

me: What do you mean, 'Approach my computer'? Which one?

sc: Do you see your keyboard?

me: Yes, I see my keyboard (even though I was the living room, and all my computers are on the other side of the house).

stepmom: Hey, don't lie. (She's a real religious nut, and I wasn't lying. I could see all of my keyboards quite clearly, in my head)

sc: Ok. Now, do you see the C-T-R-L control key on the bottom left side of your keyboard?

me: (sighs) Yes, I see my control key.

sc: Ok, now press that--

stepmom: Hey, stop lying.

me: You know? I think you have the wrong windows operating system.

sc: Press the control key--

me: (hangs up)

My stepmom asked me what it was about, and I simply told her he was trying to get me to run a command that would somehow enable him to take over my computer (even though I had no idea what else he was going to ask me to do). She then told me that he originally called for my grandmother-in-law (who no longer lives there), and I told her that, yes, there were people calling elderly folks, trying to scam them into downloading stuff or running programs that would enable hackers to control their computers.

I just want to know: what command was the guy planning on giving me? I only hung up because my stepmom was getting annoying, and the movie we were watching was coming back on after the commercial hour.