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Thread: which book is better for the comptia security+ exam?

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    which book is better for the comptia security+ exam?

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    The one at amazon.com would be the better choice, as the other site book is a 2006.

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    I agree with the Coffee Cup

    For what it's worth, the Security + Examination, is actually REALLY easy. I took the class, and I didn't once have to open the book. The Professor I had used to make a joke in class about how he could open my book to tell everyone what to read so at least it would have been opened once lol.

    He actually one day was standing near me while I was playing DooM and talking about a Mid Term Exam for the class, and grabbed my book and said "Everyone, be VERY quiet for once second please.... *Opens my Book* Did you hear that? It's that sound a book makes the first time it's opened!" Lol.

    Anyway, like Hybrid / Coffee Cup said, the newer book is usually the best option. 2006 was only 4 years ago, but things have changed since then, and you're going to benefit more from something newer.

    I still have both my Security + Books we used in class, and I can tell you they don't even bring up a lot of issues that are on the current tests. My Cousin is now in college and, has the very same teacher.

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    Torrents are a useful source for trying out training courses. There's all kinds
    of training material, videos, books, etc., almost all of which is copyrighted.
    Be aware you may be in violation of federal laws downloading such material.

    And, of course, I would never advocate this.
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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