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Thread: Apple To Challenge Google and Microsoft With Cloud OS?

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    Apple To Challenge Google and Microsoft With Cloud OS?

    Apple has received a patent that hints to the intent of providing network computers that will boot through a “net-booted environment.”

    It may seem that Apple is moving slowly into the cloud computing age and that it has many assets that are simply not leveraged in what could be a massive cloud environment that could cause more than just a headache for Google and Microsoft. However, it appears that Apple has been working for some time on an operating system, conceivably a version of a next-generation Mac OS or iOS, that could boot computers and other devices via an Internet connection.
    Boot via the internet????
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    And then they could have even MORE control over what you can and can't do with their devices.
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    Boot via the internet????
    Not new................I have BIOSes at least 8 years old that give you a network booting option.

    Errrrrrrrrr................what does a dumb terminal do?............Apple certainly make plenty of those

    All this "cloud computing" is total marketing bull won't take off; because you cannot trust anybody A LAN or maybe even a WAN you can manage............the internet you cannot.

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