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    At this point I'm going to guess that it's XP. I've had continued service in Debian and it's been running continuously since I installed it. I'm guessing its a driver problem for my network card. I'll have to continue the investigation.

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    The individual ports themselves, where the RJ45's plug in, will go bad.
    On the FVS318, there's one WAN port and 8 LAN ports. Obviously the
    WAN port's dedicated, but have you tried switching the cable from the
    problem PC to another LAN port? Again, that FVS318 is old and this
    stuff gets flaky. You can try that on the switch, too.

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    I think brokencrow maybe onto something there

    Many moons ago I had one machine with continued network issues and disconnects...changed the nic, cable to the wall and finally reinstalled the OS. Still had the issues. Finally called someone to test the punch down port (I now have a tester)....yeap that was the problem. Punched down to another port...voila all fixed and lesson learned. I now have a port tester and a very long cable to connect to another port to confirm

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    Not that this scenario fits your circumstances, but just throwing it out there as the issue is similar.

    Within a network a terminal server would allow rdp connections, but once connected the internet did not work, sometimes you would get a page but very rare. From a terminal session the internet also failed. Without going into all the troubleshooting, the issue was the NIC hardware settings (NIC properties), and the conflict was between a switch and the router MTU settings.

    So, switch and router are pre-existing and work fine. All other servers work fine. Terminal server network connectivity all great, rdp, network shares etc - except the internet. The packets traveling from the NIC into switch which then passes to the router (all other network traffic/testing does not get to the router).

    From vague memory it had something to do with the intel NIC "adaptive" technology. disabling these settings resolved the issue. However, setting the switch MTU and router MTU to the same value also proved to be a more permanent solution. (i forgot to mention switch MTU and router MTU had different values.)

    [it took 2 days to figure out many years ago]

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    I think that even though there were multiple computers having issues, it was just a coincidence. I've been running a Debian distro 24/7 with a perfectly fine connection since the install. I'm going to go online and try to find updates for the drivers for XP. If and when I boot back into it, haha.

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