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    Unhappy Strange network traffic but I dont know how to track it


    I am getting logs from my router(Netgear) but I dont know what this is or which machine on the network is generating this. Can anyone help me?

    UDP Packet - Source:,58369 Destination:A.B.C.D,27515 - [DOS]
    UDP Packet - Source:,63327 Destination:A.B.C.D,27515 - [DOS]

    A.B.C.D = my router ptp address. I run NAT on the network. I have about 10 workstations and I dont want to search each and everyone for spyware, torrent server, virus.

    Any help?

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    I get this type of UDP traffic when users are using a p2p (torrent, skype etc) and\or streaming video.

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    The first IP is Cable & Wireless - Turks & Caicos Islands and the second is Telia Sonera AB - Sweden.

    SANS suggests those ports might be being used by a new Twitter worm.

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    Note on morganlefay's comment: Do you allow p2p?

    If someone installed a p2p or sharing client, it will go out on port 80 (usually) and advertise itself as participating on the network. Others will try and connect to them, initiating a connection that gets blocked inbound -- looking like a DoS attack. It'll usually look like a ton of attempts from all over the place (like a small DDoS). That's what I've seen on occasion here...

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    No...we dont allow P2P...

    but we have a consultant that uses skype at times and it behaves just like a p2p client with IPs coming in from all over....

    Router blocks it.....it creates alot of logs.....and I am altered right away when some little fooker starts up a p2p client

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